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Man Battling Cancer Moves Netizens to Tears as He Cries to Safaricom for Help

A Kenyan man battling cancer identified as Maurice Ochieng alias Danny Miles has left many social media users in tears after making a request to one of the telco giants in the country. In a post on his Facebook page, Miles opened up on the struggles he has been going through since he was diagnosed with Cancer.
In his request to Safaricom, the social media user revealed that in 2022 he was diagnosed with cancer, soft tissue sarcoma.

“Helloo Safaricom,Iam Maurice ochieng known as Danny Miles.I am from Muhoroni town. In March last year, I was diagnosed with cancer, soft tissue sarcoma. Its eating me up for sure,” read part of the man’s statement.

Man begs Safaricom for help
Man begs Safaricom to help his daughter. Photo: Facebook

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A Man’s Cry For Help

Further, into the post, the man delves into the hole cancer has thrown him into. Ochieng has been working very hard to give his family the best, but the disease has drained him. In the sad post, the man claims to have failed his daughter.

“Day by day I am feeling. I had been saving so that I take my small family on vacation but I have been drained I can’t. I am living with the help of friends. My young Daughter Britney Dova is still young she has not started school yet I was planning but I am sorry I have failed as a dad,” added the man.

Man Begs Safaricom
Maurice Ochieng is a Kenyan Man Battling Cancer. Photo: Maurice Ochieng/Facebook.

Man Battling Cancer

Ochieng says things have been difficult for him since his left arm was amputated as cancer advanced. He appealed to the telco giant to help his daughter once he is out of this world and if possible treat the family to a vacation.

“My left arm was chopped off but still, cancer metastasis. I am appealing to you to help my daughter once I am gone because I can feel it. My number is 0706345827 My wife’s number is 0757084605 (Florence Odege) maybe treat us to a once-in-a-lifetime ride I will appreciate it so much,” added the broken dad.

Man Battling Cancer
Maurice Ochieng. Photo: Facebook

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