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Kelvin Kinuthia: 7 Hot Photos of Kenyan Crossdresser Warming Hearts Online

Kelvin Kinuthia is one of the most popular TikTokers in Kenya thanks to his unique content and fashion style.

Kinuthia has fully embraced the popular phrase my dress my choice. The TikTok star has a thing for fashion and finds comfort in dressing like a woman.

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Kelvin Kinuthia

The content creator dresses like a woman so as to sell his content something which has left his fans confusing him to be a member of the LGBTQ community.

He has a large following on all his social media platforms thanks to his style of dressing.

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Kelvin Kinuthia
Kelvin Kinuthia the Kenyan crossdresser.

Kelvin Kinuthia Speaks

In a recent interview on YouTube, the popular crossdresser appealed to his fans to stop speculating on his sexual orientation.

Despite Kinuthia identifying himself as her/him, the Tiktoker says he should be accorded time to declare his orientation.

“Hakuna mtu nishawaiambia about my sexuality. So mpaka vile nitasema but for now let it stay that way na watu waache kujijazia,” pleaded Kinuthia. 

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Kelvin Kinuthia

The crossdresser went viral after an online blog reported alleging that he ‘ate KSh344k fare’

Responding to the allegations, the TikToker totally distanced himself from the allegations and warned the accusers of using his name for clout.

“I don’t know about that, no money was sent to me. The statement was saying that the money is for shopping, a flight ticket and buying a new phone. I know most people will believe the story because of the new phone I bought. No one bought me the new phone,” said Kinuthia. 

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Kelvin Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia


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