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5 Marketable Courses in Kenya 2022

Finding the most marketable courses in Kenya has been a real hustle for most youngsters leaving high school. Well, it is not to say that the other courses not mentioned in this article are not important but we just give priority to what we think might be helpful.

It is worth noting that most of these top courses require a good grade to also join the specific institutions offering it.

Below is a list of the courses that we feel are marketable in today’s career world.

Marketable Courses in Kenya

  1. Medicine

Medicine has been for the longest time termed a very prestigious course. Here we have to agree that Medicine is one of the most marketable courses across the globe.

Despite it being a very challenging course, one is guaranteed of a job opportunity. Kenya and most countries are short of medical doctors and pursuing this course is somehow a guarantee.
NB: Getting into this field one has to be prepared for any outcome.

2. Computer Science

Do you have a thing for Technology? Then you should not worry about what to pursue. A career in Computer science is actually good for one to actualize their dreams.

Given that the world is going through a technological revolution and Kenya as well there will be more opportunities for professionals with knowledge in IT, Computer science.

If you are looking for institutions that offer the course you can consider Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT), Strathmore University, and the Multimedia University of Kenya among others.

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3. Marketing

A career in Marketing has become very popular and a degree in Marketing will go a long way in preparing one for the marketing. It is worth noting that marketing is a very wide platform and it is probably the backbone of each and every company.

A good example is digital media which has become very common. A degree in marketing prepares one for roles such as market research analyst, content strategist, and event marketing manager.

4. Project Management

Are you looking to work in some of the biggest NGOs across the globe? Then you should consider a degree in Project Management will come in handy.

This involves planning, organizing, and executing projects effectively and efficiently. The Project Management Course is also in high demand in both public and private sectors.

5. Nursing

The health sector has experienced a lot of growth in Kenya, especially in the nursing department. The country faces a shortage of qualified nurses working in hospitals, medical supply firms, or even offering private care.

A degree as a nurse will ensure that you have secured a job as a ward nurse, operating room nurse, or even become a medical care administrator.

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