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Rosemary Wanjiru: Woman Discloses Ex-Husband Forced Her To Apologise To His Side chick’s Parents

-Rosemary Wanjiru disclosed that her ex-husband sent her to his mpango wa kando’s parents to apologise on his behalf for having an affair 

-According to her, things were not smooth from the onset of her marriage

-She recalls after their honeymoon how her husband went out for movies with his secretary’s sister despite her saying no

A Kenyan woman identified as Rosemary Wanjiru has opened up on how she had to endure violence in her previous marriage.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Metha Ya Kagoni, Wanjiru recalled the events that transpired 17 years ago like it was just yesterday.

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Kenyan Woman
Kenyan woman reveals hubby sent her to apologise to side chick’s family. Photo: Metha Ya Kagoni.

Rosemary was born and raised in Nakuru town before she moved to Massachusetts, US in 1997 after her marriage failed.

According to the woman, she met her now ex-husband while in high school and after school, he was very consistent in trying to win her heart.

She recounts how her ex-husband at the time helped her find a job with an auctioneers firm.

After landing her first job, the two started dating and it is at this point she got pregnant.

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Rosemary Wanjiru

Rosemary Wanjiru’s Marriage

According to Wanjiru, her pregnancy did not sit well with his parents who did not agree to the idea of getting pregnant before marriage.

“My pregnancy brought a lot of problems. I remember being asked if I was pregnant at six months and I said no. They were asking so that they could rush the wedding. Someone else was sent to me and I admit,” she narrated. 

After apologising to his side chick’s parents, the mother recalls her hubby did not wait for her and had to find her means to work.

The woman recounts how her wedding preparation was a mess. She reveals that one of her sisters-in-law complicated the process and would later become a wound in their marriage.

After her marriage, things were not calm and recounts it being an on and off thing.

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Rosemary Wanjiru

After their honeymoon in Mombasa, Wanjiru recalls her husband asking for her permission to go to the movies with his secretary’s sister a request she turned down.

She would later learn that despite her saying no, her husband still went on with his movie plans behind her back.

Two weeks after giving birth to their first child, Rosemary Wanjiru recalls her husband sending her back to her home to pick up the clothes she left behind.

Rosemary Wanjiru’s Painful Marriage

Although her prayer was that of a peaceful marriage, things did not turn as expected as her husband became abusive and had affairs outside their marriage.

After moving to her husband’s rural home, at one time, for about three weeks, she spent her nights under her children’s bed from the fear of his beatings.

The woman also remembers her husband sending her to apologise to his side chick’s family to apologise on his behalf.

“At one time, my ex-husband ordered me to go and apologize to his side chick’s parents. I was to apologize on his behalf for having an affair with their daughter. I went! But even after the apology, they still carried on with their affair,” disclosed Rosemary Wanjiru. 

She joins the long list of women who have nothing good to say about their sisters-in-law. The mother of four recalls how her sister-in-law interfered with their union.

The woman and her ex-husband tied the knot in the early 1970s but their marriage did not last long.

Below is the full story.




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[…] Rosemary Wanjiru: Woman Discloses Ex-Husband Forced Her To Apologise To His Side chick’s Pare… […]


[…] Rosemary Wanjiru: Woman Discloses Ex-Husband Forced Her To Apologise To His Side chick’s Pare… […]

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