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Netizens Drool Over Esther Passaris Beach Photo: ‘Mali Safi’

-Esther Passaris left men glued to their screens after sharing a photo dressed in a curve-hugging dress

-The Nairobi Woman Rep was out mourning her dad but netizens had other wild thoughts

-From the comments, many men described the city politician as a fine lady despite her being 57-years-old

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris has left Kenyan men on Twitter salivating after she shared a photo at the beach.

The city politician who is admired by many posted the photo with her behind facing the camera and men cannot keep calm.

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Esther Passaris
A photo of Esther Passaris at the beach.

Passaris shared the photo and captioned it with a memory of her dad but KOT had something else going on.

“Papou, I cannot turn the clock and will never get the answers I seek; as you traverse the high seas, know that I will forever be your baby girl. #RIPDad #TillWeMeetAgain,” Passaris wrote. 

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Esther Passaris

Netizens React to Esther Passaris Photo

The 57-year-old rocked a black dress shirt that hugged her curves in their rightful places.

She also left some room for the sons of Pharaoh to enjoy her yellow-yellow and tender thighs.

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Esther Passaris

Twitter users took to the comment section and just as you think, men, dominated the chat.

From the comments, men could not hide their admiration with the majority saying Passaris is still gorgeous despite her age.

A tweep identified as @@TheLastDonB commented:

“Mali safi ila mzee.”

@Dennis_PBS commented:

“Don’t let my enemies bother your peace, you are a fine mama,”

@Moddy_Bick called out those who tried to criticise the politician for looking good.

“Nyinyi watu mnanishangaza..So a woman mourning cannot be sexy and gorgeous? Mkue serious..Passaris ni mrembo whether you kithni or ndekni. Na muache kutamani mtu ako kwa funeral…nkt.”

Another fan with the handle @c686746e2da940f wrote:

“I can’t see high seas. But the high wind has blown up the hem of your dress. And it’s marvellous in our sight.”

@abmerxh joined the discussion:

“You hv a nice behind mwesh, sorry for your loss.”

@waziri_fujo hilariously wrote:

“Mwendo Kama hakanyagi chini. Ana guu la beer. Kifua ni dodo. Akitembea lege lege. Niue Niue mama Niue.”

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