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Akothee Responds After Ex-employee Accused Her of Holding Her Salary

Businesswoman Esther Akoth alias Akothee has taken to social media to respond after one of her former employees accused her of withholding her two months salary.

In the long posts shared on her Instagram page, the single mother of five shared in detail what transpired between her and the lady identified as Brenda.

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Akothee Responds After Employee Exposed Her. Photo: Instagram.

Akothee Responds

Akothee disclosed Brenda joined her company on September 30, 2019, after her videographer went on leave.

According to the Rollam hitmaker, Brenda started failing her on her first assignment after she failed to deliver a video and kept saying she was working on it.

“Back in 2019 30th September. Brenda asked for a job. I don’t really remember how she ended up in my company, all I can remember is Austine my personal videographer had asked for a leave, and I had a few works remaining before I left for the world tour!?1. She reported at work on 30th September 2019 as we leave for Maasai mara for a birthday ? I never received the video of the experience! I only had the highlights and She promised to deliver the whole video once we are back home,” Akothee wrote. 

Akothee Accused Of Failing To Pay Employee. Photo: Instagram.

Akothee also details the tasks and shoots that Brenda was involved and according to the businesswoman, the beauty did not deliver.

In another post, the singer said she recalls at one time giving a cheque to one of her employees identified as Jimi and instructed her to give it to Brenda only after she delivers.

According to the self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Jimi returned the cheque to her since Brenda had not delivered any work.

“After I got out of the hospital, I went for the Luo festival on Kisumu on 30th November, and was rushed back to the hospital for another week! I then was advised to take a break, off cameras off phones etc. ?Brenda asked for her money once, and I gave a cheque to Jimi to hand over to her once she delivers the videos! Jimi stayed with the cheque and brought it back to me when nothing was there to be delivered,” she added. 

The mother of five also accused Brenda of insulting her and challenged her to put out the whole phone recording to the public court.

“She claims to have recorded me, While I was calling I was very much aware of that! But she didn’t know I have the original copy ?She has only sent the part we talked, and not when she was busy calling me names and shouting at the top of her voice ?Still okay with me. ?It’s the only truth that will set us free. Brenda be my guest darling. Upload the full conversion telling me how you are going to blow things up, baby I am one person who has seen it all. Nothing more to lose,” added Akothee.

Brenda Demands KSh 60,000 From Akothee

Akothee’s former employee who is only identified as Brenda is seeking Ksh.60,000 in settlement, claiming the singer withheld her salary for two months.

 “I worked for you for two months, I delivered videos, Maasai Mara, Peptang Eldoret, Rue baby’s Miss Universe, Akothee Safaris promos, Peptang factory, and those interviews you did with kina Mwende Macharia. I was never paid for any of these, not even a single shilling. Ama hizo trips za ndege was the mode of payment?” Brenda said on Wednesday February 2, as revealed by BNN.

“Two years later you come shouting at me to give you your work, yes I deleted everything. You owe me Ksh. 60,000,” said Brenda,
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