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Sammy Ondimu: Police Officer Responds To Fan Who Said He Earns Peanuts

-Sammy Ondimu took to his Facebook page to engage his bitter followers

-The celebrity cop shared a message he claimed it was from a bitter fan who attacked him on the basis of his salary

-Responding to the bitter fan, Ondimu said he was comfortable with his salary adding that it pays his bills

Kenyan police officer Sammy Ondimu Ngare is for sure not one to be bullied on social media.

Ondimu made this clear after he took to Facebook to respond to a fan who attacked him on his salary basis.

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Sammy Ondimu
Sammy Ondimu responds to fan. Photo: Facebook

Taking to his Facebook page, the man in uniform shared a message saying it came from his inbox.

The bitter social media user claimed that Ondimu brags on social media yet he earns peanuts.

“Sasa unaturingia na job ya polisi ukijifanya kusaidia watu na ulikataa kunisadia. Kwani nani hajui mshahara wa polisi,” read the fan’s message. 

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Sammy Ondimu

Responding to the bitter fan, Ondimu said he was comfortable with his salary adding that it pays his bills.

“What I earn as a cop inanitosha mimi.. I’m able to pay my bills and I’m very comfortable,”wrote the cop.

Sammy Ondimu

Fans React to Sammy Ondimu’s Reply

Although some fans felt their bitter counterpart had gone too far, others had something to say about the celebrity cop.

A Facebook identified as Terry Simon condemned the act saying: 

“That’s so ugly. Nini inasumbua watu sasa? Your salary is enough and even beyond. Wasamehe tu.”

Another fan with the name DU DU accused the officer of ignoring him: 

“Though you are always here for PR and publicity, i also had a genuine case in your inbox some years ago and you ignored despite reading all my messenger texts, but guess what, somebody came to my rescue ✊?… sina ubaya though.”
Ondimu responded to Du Du:
“DU DU Hata mimi natafuta kijana..mbona huwa hamuendi kwa inbox za wale wengine bro.. Do you think your case tu ndio nitahandle?.. Tell me kama ni wewe uko na cases za ugonjwa ako hosi na nyingine ya school fees..ni gani utashughulikia haraka?”

MC Deroke commented: 

“Polisi kwani wako na pesa? Always broke.”
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