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DJ Mo Throws Ringtone Apoko Out During Size 8’s Album Launch

-An angry DJ Mo was captured throwing Ringtone out of the expensive hotel where the album launch was taking place

-The Zoea Mawe hitmaker was thrown out of the stage by Size 8 and could not persevere the embarrassment

-Addressing the media, Ringtone revealed he wanted to reward the Mateke hitmaker with KSh 200k

There was drama during gospel singer Size 8’s album launch after her hubby DJ Mo was involved in an altercation with controversial singer Ringtone Apoko.

The self-proclaimed righteous artiste was chased out of the stage by Size 8 since it was only pastors who were allowed to be on the stage.

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DJ Mo throws Ringtone Out During Size 8’s Album Launch.

DJ Mo and Ringtone

Angered by Size 8’s action Ringtone could not hide his anger and started being rowdy.

An angry DJ Mo could not contain himself and was forced to intervene and throw the gospel singer out of the expensive hotel.

“Wacha kunishika hivyo. Mbona unaniharass? Mimi sio chali yako. Huwezi nifanyia hivyo,” Ringtone told DJ Mo.

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Ringtone walked out complaining and could be heard uttering some uncouth words.

The artiste who is well known for bragging revealed he had planned to reward Size 8 with KSh 200,000 but due to the embarrassment he was forced to endure, he was going to keep his cash.

Responding to Size 8 and DJ Mo the Zoea Mawe hitmaker reminded them that he is also anointed and more powerful than the Mateke hitmaker.

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