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Andrew Kibe Lists Kenyan Men Who Should Not Be Parents

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is not happy with the way Kenyan male celebrities have been conducting their business on social media.

Following the recent Mulamwah drama, Andrew Kibe felt it was right for the country to have a system to keep some men away from impregnating women.

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In a recent episode on his YouTube channel, the former radio presenter shared a long list of Kenyan male celebrities who should not be allowed to be parents.

Andrew Kibe’s List

Below is Kibe’s list of men who should not be allowed to be parents.

1. Mulamwah

According to Kibe, Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie should have not gotten a child.

“You guys should have never gotten a child together. Look at you two. We should have a system in check before you get a child, there should be a checklist,” said the journalist.

2. Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone Apoko is well known for his clout-chasing behaviour something that does not seem to go well with the former Kiss FM presenter.

Apoko has been at the center of many scandals involving musicians.

“You cannot have a child with Apoko,” said the controversial blogger.

3. Thee Pluto

Content creator Thee Pluto and his lover Felicity were a topic of discussion a few months ago. After their highly publicised drama, the couple went back together to raise their kid.

“Close their fallopian tubes. There are people who should never be pregnant or impregnate,” said Kibe.

4. KRG The Don

Andrew Kibe seems to have a big problem with KRG the Don. He described him as the top clout chaser who brags of having a lot of money.

“KRG is another one. KRG the clout chaser ukiona dame anakuwacha na uko na hizo vitu zote,” he added.

5. Eric Omondi

6. Oga Obinna

7. Frankie Just Gym It

According to Kifee, Frankie Just Gym It should be taken into a lab for his work is only to sire kids.

“He should be taken to the labs. His is to produce sperms. (Just give me two Frankies),” added Kibe.

8. Simon Kabu

9. Kabi WaJesus

“You just getting kids and you do not bring them anything. These are men who should go through forced vasectomy,” said the journalist.

10. Omosh Kizangila

According to the controversial journalist, Omosh’s work will be to cry everywhere begging for assistance.

“He will be crying everywhere,” noted Andrew Kibe.

Catherine Nderitu

Catherine Nderitu

Catherine Nderitu is an experienced journalist with over five years of experience. She's passionate about entertainment and human interest news.

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